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Hunting the skilled DevOps Engineer -

Are you looking for a DevOps Engineer and that to be a qualified and an expert??? If your answer is yes than I am sure this is the best platform for you. There are various people who are looking for a skilled trainer for themselves. And, there are various people who faced the problems like they got the trainer but not the skilled trainer. So, there are various issues in regards to that.
Here's we simplified the thing how you should search a qualified and skilled trainer for yourself. ---------------

You can watch this slide which will give you a hint how you will get a Perfect Trainer for yourself. How to find Best DevOps Trainer?

So the skilled trainer is a trainer who is perfect in every aspect to deliver the proper information to the people looking for that training.

The different aspects will be...

Build Your DevOps Training Program -

DevOps is a Cultural, Philosophical and Organic approach towards automating workflow and getting products to market more efficiently and effectively.

DevOps engineers are in very much in demand around the globe now. Yes, you heard it right. DevOps is one of the best and trending careers of this century. It's now a mainstream in IT industry.

Build Your DevOps Training Program | we care for the people who want to choose his/her career in DevOps. We satisfy their needs by giving a platform where they can build their own training program in DevOps and we tends to follow according to that.

Correct... we will follow you. But the Training Program which we emphasis on, has to be simple and straight. Click Here for example

Also, we have various training programs which we offer to you in every mode online or offline. We simplified your training program and content so that that will be easy follow you and to the trainer as well. So tell us what's your requirement and we will help you to design that. Your Requirement Your Design!!!

DevOps Engineer Hiring Assistance -

Hiring a DevOps Engineer. Oh no!!! Really??? You will listen this from an IT recruiter or get a reply like that. You know why? Because hiring a DevOps Engineer is really very difficult. It is difficult job to hire for a role with so many definitions, skillsets and responsibilities. In small companies, it's a challenging job.

Let's take a look, If you are a DevOps Engineer... how you will define yourself? Will you say that you are a developer who is interested in deployment and network operations ? or, a System Engineer who enjoys coding and wants to improve testing and quality ? So, it is a difficult job to hire a undefined designation and that is a very responsible job to hire a DevOps Engineer.
So what we does to simplified that problem.

We Create a DevOps specific challenge that touches some core values that we determined any solid DevOps person. We check the ability to

We use a lot of Python and Ansible so it makes sense for that to be a basis for our evaluation. It may be different for company to company. The intentions behind what this project is solving for ought to be the applicable in spite of the language and gear.

As you could observe, we don’t give any choice to use a provisioner apart from Ansible. A few might also disagree, but I sense this restrict is crucial because:

We evaluate the submission on these basis -

Was anything done to take the deliverable beyond its default?

And, Give them a feedback. I defined the small procedure how we does take hiring a DevOps engineer so seriously. This way we does hiring for DevOps engineer for an organization.

So any organization can contact us with their requirement and we will help you guys in hiring a correct DevOps person for your organization.

DevOps Assessment and Automation -

We unite your improvement and operations into a single and speedy deployment entity at the same time as leveraging code with a view to manipulate your infrastructure. We push transparency, collaboration and go-functionality of your groups to the restrict to permit innovation to flourish and your business to do extra in less time.

Technical and business benefits you will get

DevOps Assessment -

Our expert DevOps team analyzes key pain points, draws a road map and recommends tools and processes that need to be leveraged in order to automate deployment cycles across your delivery infrastructure.

DevOps Automation -

We automate end-to-end delivery cycle and ensure that your deployments and rollbacks are performed in a click as to mitigate risks and increase productivity multifolds.

Continuous Release and Deployment

Our expert helps you to establish a proper delivery pipeline which facilitates continuous deployment of software to QA and then to production in an efficient and automated manner. We help you make sure that each and every change to your code is proven to be deployable at any time, thus, allowing your systems to absorb rapid change, by offering the following services:

Continuous Testing

We enable continuous testing of your solutions as to ensure that your code integrates and all tests run without error at all levels, and that the code produced and integrated with that from other developers and with other components of the application, functions and performs as designed. Here's what we have in stock:

Continuous Monitoring

Our CM solutions and services provide metrics about your software to all the stakeholders at different stages of the delivery cycle. We do not limit these metrics to production intentionally: we want you and all the interested parties to be capable of reacting immediately to the quality of features being delivered. With this in mind we render the following services:

Continuous Feedback & Optimization

Receiving comments constantly is crucial and we account for that. We enable corporations to seize purchaser behavior and pain points right as they use your software program, allowing specific stakeholders to take appropriate and instant treatment actions, improve the answer and decorate client revel in, by means of delivering a fixed of offerings: