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DevOps Trainers in Delhi

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DevOps (a clipped compound of development and operations) is a culture, movement or practice that emphasizes the collaboration and communication of both software developers and other information-technology (IT) professionals while automating the process of software delivery and infrastructure changes. It aims at establishing a culture and environment where building, testing, and releasing software can happen rapidly, frequently, and more reliably. In traditional functionally separated organizations there is rarely cross-departmental integration of these functions with IT operations. DevOps promotes a set of processes and methods for thinking about communication and collaboration between development, QA, and IT operations.

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A single team is responsible for delivering new features and stability. The combination of a shared code base, continuous integration, test-driven techniques and automated deploys, among other things, expose problems, in application code, infrastructure or configuration, to Operations at the end of coding. Problems tend to be less complex because change sets are smaller. And resolution times are faster because team members don’t need to wait for a different team to troubleshoot and fix the problem. Collaboration across different roles delivers many benefits.

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DevOps started as a community movement, rather as a discussion, with folks passionate about solving the bridge between dev and ops, which are the two prominent teams involved in building a software product. It caught up momentum, was noticed by analysts, and have taken a completely different form over the years. It’s also not limited to just dev and ops, its something where each stakeholder, all the teams in your organizations are involved. They complement each other's skills, share responsibilities and work towards common goals. The important point here is , since it was not created by one organization or a body, no one really owns it, So an organisation a need one trainer to have it on the roll.

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