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DevOps Trainers in United States

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The goal of DevOps is to optimize the entire IT delivery process for the fast and reliable shipping of code. DevOps has quickly risen to popularity as it enables companies to introduce new features and products to market faster than ever, yielding an increase in customer satisfaction. This is achieved by automating deployment pipelines and changing the operational model for both dev and ops, which includes tools, project methods, support, metrics, testing, and lean & fast ITIL processes (Information Technology Infrastructure Library). As deployment periods have reduced from several months to a few hours, DevOps has truly changed the IT landscape as we know it.

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While it seems the IT world is rushing to embrace the concept of DevOps, not everyone agrees on what it actually means. Pivoting toward something that’s still a bit fuzzy might sound alarms in your organization, but you might not be able to afford to wait to implement this development practice. There are few reason, we need to understand we need DevOps for

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Good DevOps trainers focus not only on tools but also on best practices. We follow the best and well proven concepts and industry and make it a point to train teams on it.

Our trainers are Industry Experts/Implementors and are regarded as the authority in the DevOps domain who have 15+ years of practical implementation experience working in all the phases of application development and operations for global MNCs and have played several roles in the management ladder.

It is this experience that enables our delegates to gain the right practical knowledge coupled with the best practice standards helping them to achieve their career aspirations in our training and certification sessions.

Delivery - Corporate trainers must have good presentation and communication skills to deliver training effectively. They must be equally competent at lecturing a large group, demonstrating a skill or technique, and conducting a one-to-one coaching session. They must also be critical of their own performance, asking training groups for feedback and monitoring the outcome of training sessions.

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